Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Science of the Golden Blues. IV Inking.

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Well this is my last post of the day and as you might notice I am loading the inked final work of Fair Blues written by Ana Raven and drawn,inked and slighty modified by truly yours.
Annita is on a trip of work so in the meantime I wanted to speed this stuff up and keep myself busy NOW with Nik,Pedro and Victor.
Also as you might see I didn`t ink these pages in my regular cross-hatching way that sometimes is really stiff I have to admit but I really loved that litho style I normally do.
Well for this time I wanted to give a warmer approach and I was thinking in the work of
Karl Kesel
Jim Manfood
Lee Weeks
Winsor McCay
Jordi Bernet
Mike Zeck and John Beatty.
(It works for me!)
And this is what came up from the approach.
I still have one trick under my sleeve but I will do it only If time is good.
I need to send the work to Annita so She can letter it or find someone who letters it for us.

Have a great time I hope you guys like it!!



Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

looks very nice:)

The Old Lady said...

I agree it looks really good

johnnyjustice said...

One of the most professional-looking pages I have ever seen by you!