Friday, November 11, 2005

The Corner...Che!

Well there was a long time I didn`t post this section and I am so happy to re-start this with the work of José María Varona or as everybody knows him Chè.

Chè is just a great guy in all the senses!!
And his work is really good!!
I like a lot the work of spanish cartonist and Chè is a great example of the great work Spain does on that matter.

I hope He doesn`t mind for posting this cartoon that is one of his recent work!
I loved the way He used the Picasso concept on it.

So If you want to see his work in a periodical basis this is the link you can visit.
Also you might see more incredible artists using their sense of humor to make you laugh!
Chè and the nice people from La kodorniz gave the permit to link them! (Thanks Chè!)


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