Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A hamburger with a talk.

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Well yesterday was the Wrestling and I arrived late because I was checking the computer in my house and well the technician was really nice. Mariana ,my friend who I go to the Luchas with and I entered just in time at 8:30 and We know the process. The first fight is normally boring so we take that time to catch up with gossips and what is new in our life, and starting the second fight is when the fun starts.
As usual the best fights are the 4th,5th and 6th (being the sixth the main event).
In the 5th fight Tigre Metalico decided to fight Although knowing He had a severe injury in the lower part of the crocth and leg ,fought and couldn`t finished the fight in good shape, the doctor admistrated him a drug to deal with the pain while the fight was on and Tigre Blanco tried to finish the fight as soon as He could.(Even taken as a show You have to admire the courage of working in that situation
It Main event was El Hijo del Santo and Ultimo Dragon vs Blue Demon Jr and Tarzan Boy.Santo was celebrating his 23th Anniversary as a fighter so you might guess it was a celebration with a cake and Mariachi before the fight started.
El Hijo del Santo undoubtely is much better fighter than his Father and uses all the repertory of his father but really polished, Blue Demon is an amazing fighter now is playing as a rude but is one of the best technical fighter I have seen.
Poor Ultimo Dragon and Tarzan boy, They couldn`t really shine in the fight all the attention was with the 2 idols (Santo and Blue).
They were fighting the first round in a very technical way pressing after pressing a very elegant show. Obviously Santo won.
Just for that fight it was the money well used.
After that She paid for the hamburgers in a place nearby (delicious, delicious hamburgers).

That was my night yesterday!!

Take care and peace out!!


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