Thursday, December 01, 2005

Love for Dummies. Transfer me!!!

Hello to you!
I owed this Love for Dummies section since some days ago but till now I had some minutes to write what happened.
Last Saturday I was drawing some panels of Luchador! when the telephone rang, It was not You know who in case you wonder, It was this girl I played billiard once and We were kind of going out as friends and I guess I mentioned her once, I remembered I said She knew how to play billiard so nice.
Well this girl is a really nice girl and atractive I have to say, nice rack, white complected, light and long brown hair, and brown eyes.
Well She is now leaving in Chiapas once We agreed on getting plastered in booze when it would be the right moment, I mean as I always said I never drink but I wanted to make an exception with her since really long time, I even invited her home once and She was and is really nice.
I have in this part of the post to say that is that kind of person that I really haven`t made myself an image about her case it has been like.."Yeah! She is cute and crazy as I am and If something happens good If not good enough...".
Because the day She was home She told me about her moving out so You can imagine I didn`t even intend anything with her because there was not a point I mean to leave far and to have a faraway relation is not a good deal.
She emailed me some days ago and as I told you I am in the moment where I want to sweep things and gather others so I asked her by mail If I could ask her some questions...more about the things of clarifying and know what to do in the future just to make peaces with my feelings.
Well She called me to say hello and to offer me a business, She is starting to promote a person who has a coffee business so She said I would be in help, and We agreed to see eachother to talk about that and also to drink a bottle She brought from Chiapas called Toritos and drink at least a glass of it.
We went to a mall nearby home and I have to say that I really like her company We were holding hands while visiting the shops and I had a nice time talking, then we go home and I told her that I wanted to tell her that I like the way She is and that at some point in the past I thought of going out with her but that because of the distances I knew it would be an issue.
We left home and I asked her more things...well She said that She also considered dating me for a time but because She knew She was leaving She prefered to keep the thing in halth and just let it go.
Then We went to her house and We were around her Family while I was drinking the glass of Toritos, then We tried to talk about the conversation that was in half over my place, We just couldn`t because Family was there and also because She was about to leave to a party.
Before She left with her sister She kissed me and I kissed her back!.
The plan is that She is coming in a month or in two months to town so We will talk more seriously about keeping in contact as friends or something else or just stop or start a relation because as I said distances are a big issue, I just told her to keep the situation like it is, and I told her not to change her plans or to think to modify something (because She is finding a nice opportunity over there even much better than the situation She had here in my hometown), I also told her "let`s wait to see if in a couple of months everything has changed for better or worse".
I have to be wise and not to expect anything, let`s see what happens but I have to be really sincere here I won`t wait for her I will continue checking my alternatives and If something gets into my life...... good.
I mean the old sayign says "Amor de lejos, Amor de Pendejos...or Amor de lejos felices los 4"..:)
in English would be like "Faraway love is just for dumbs"..or "Faraway love is good for the 4 of Us".. and it is not a good point to start something that the distance might kill.

Great day to you and I continue checking my options!!



The Old Lady said...

Well the kiss sounds good.I wouldn't dismiss someone just because of distance.Lots of people have long distance relationships.Doesn't work for all but it does for some.A little crazy company could be just what you need.
Good luck with whatever happens
Hugs June xx

antonio said...

I am giving second thoughts about it!!