Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Love for Dummies: Houdini and Blades.

Now with my computer back home, I am trying to get used to loading images again. I have some surprises but step by step.
Long time without having the section, right?

June wrote this some days ago:
I've been wondering that myself lately...Do you wait for love to find you or do you go out there and try and find it?
Wondy kindly answered:
I think it's a bit of both, June.
Now is my story....Well I was trying to clarify the situation that We knew (newbies you need to catch up by checking the archives to see the recent process).
So after all this time passed I was free in all aspects so I just decided to finally write the Letter. It took me 4 pages long and some brain to tell everything as it happened and I gave her the letter 2 days ago.
I have to say I just opened my heart and told Red Head that I was interested in knowing her and keep in the starting point We were last time before the misunderstanding but I stated something at the bottom of the letter,that in case that She was interested to talk to me over our situation or in case She was not even slightly interested just to keep things the same way and just ignore me.
Today after classes She said She wanted to talk to me.
Well 2 situations:
The first is that She was kind of dissapointed in the past to what it happened but now She didn´t care less.
Second about giving me the opportunity to treat her in terms of a relation...
She said " Well about the other thing I do not want to give you any Hope and I just prefer If We can be friends.... in terms of Love We can not command so I do not feel anything else for you..."

When She told me that I was about to crack for some seconds, I even felt that sentiment of having some blades over your chest in between you lungs and your heart, but I really prefered that She came straight and squared about the situation and now the question that remains is
Do you wait for love to find you or do you go out there and try and find it?
Answer: I have not a friggin´clue this time!!


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