Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Do you?

Well today it is quite important in a sense, firstable amigo Nik sorry for the absence but I am checking the timings to talk and today after watching the soccer game (I will talk later about it :) ) I went to have my final deposit (You know I was saving and saving and saving for some years ) for the 2 trips I want to do over this year and next, one to Spain and visit my friends and to do the same over USA.
So that means that from now on all the money from my work, and comic work will be devoted to me: buying clothing, books, the brand new next official web page that will be soon , a new pair of glasses, art supllies,traveling and start spending some money on me. :)
I just have to make a final deposit to pay the taxes that is for next month and I am ready to start scheduling. On another note a great friend from Spain is having a new comic so expect the promotion over tomorrow and tell you about him. Also another friend in my country will consider me as a collaborator from now on in his own studio and that is good news in terms that I am going to be able for next year to make people see more work done by me on my own market, lousy and hard market but my friend wants to change the scope. I will talk about him as soon as We have a project in common to talk, He knows I have projects already scheduled and He is fine with it!!!.
I also have some proposals to make over the weekend in my country and overseas so well not saying anything till everything is concrete and solid!

So Have a Wicked Day!!!

Ps: Nik I saw you did the the way I like Rey Misterio Jr, Randy Orton, Edge, Foley ohh my so many to mention..:)
And I am expecting to go to the Luchas in Tijuana that are extreme...

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