Thursday, June 29, 2006

Discombobulated Groupie for the Underdog

I learned a new word today and also I liked the new title Wondy set on her blog.
I woke up today discombobulated I just couldn´t sleep early as I was working in the political strip for next weekend to have room to finish the Essays I have to do. Well I woke up with a nice surprise I was offered a job teaching so I am starting the mid days of July and it is not interfering with my regular job, studies and my comic work because it will be in the morning 7 ó clock so that means to wake up before six to have time for the buses. Did you remember there was a time I had 3 jobs at the same time? Well now it will be 2 but it is nice, well 3 if I take in consideration my friend who I am teaching twice a week, the great part is that the money coming from this course and hoping to have more ahead, will be used to pay my Official Web Page also the great part is that the job comes from people around helping me, so I am grateful!.
I am in a third of all the mails I owe so expect one soon! From comic work I just received nice surprises but I will talk about them when I have things signed or concrete things not to jinx everything up!
Nik, I am so sorry for the long delay but I definitely write soon!! sorry, sorry!!
Jen, I saw you posted something I hope to see it today later night!! Thanks in advance.
Ratas, where are you? Betsy I am invoking you; Cindy, I am half the book and Shantalona what is wrong with you? not even a sign from you? Kisses to you ratitas.
Kino for god´s sake! I lost your mail address send me a new mail to reply!! I am so sorry also with you. :(
Great day!!

ps:Talks from Lemuria (chit chats about comics and life) are coming again with the incredible Jose Ramon Gallego and I, so stay tuned. :)


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