Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Stolen to Heal

I dream... of keeping doing what I am doing for the rest of my life and I will do
I cannot stand... people trying to play the smart ass or showing off what They are not.
I stopped... buying comics since 4 years ago seems that for now I just can not afford them but I am sure that in some weeks or months to get again a finantial stability to continue this.
I wish...I stop wishing now I make it my goal.
I could... travel over Europe If I had money and time. Everything seems I will do that next year.
I would... love to direct my own movie and have my own printing comic book company.
I don't understand... the right way to treat girls...
I yell... Well I yell when I have no more good things to say.
I get aggravated... with the situation in my country.
I dislike... chicken
I can't wait... to see this weekend coming (there are some news that I hope get solid) and besides that I can not wait for today, because I finally wrote my love letter and I am waiting the final resolution from Red Head. Plese pray for me on this one.
I sense... so many many things that you will be amazed of what I know and sense...

Great Day!!


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The Old Lady said...

Great answers and good luck.