Tuesday, June 06, 2006

3 eran 3 Los Reyes de Espadas, Oros y Bastos.

Bonnita Annita has tagged me with this little Meme that are 3 recommendations.
Sorry for not adding photos but I still have not received my computer home yet!

One Book.
Ohhhh My God I am going to recommend a Book that everytime I open I just drool.
Alphonse Mucha.
The Spirit of Art Noveau.

One CD.
I want to buy the new CD of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs but I think that I can totally recommend the new compact of Sarah McLachlan for now!

One Movie.
I want to watch Lady Vengeance, that would be my recommendation from what I know Tartan Films produces it and is part of a Trilogy aside Old Boy.

One Comic.
La Espinaca de Yukiko from Frederic Boilet!!

Great day!!


1 comment:

AnnaRaven said...

I own a copy of the Mucha book! :D
It´s June, I am getting ready... you´ll have news from me next week. Sharpen your pencils, my dearest artist for there we go *w*