Friday, June 16, 2006

Fire and Air.

I didn´t work on my Workshop this week thanks to the messy week my teacher had.:)
I just watched the game Mexico v Angola and I am really upset at the way the selection played....! :) Now as usual We need to wait for the results of other games to see If We pass to the next part of the Cup. Dammit!!!
Well tomorrow I will have my workshop as usual and I am helping a friend to study English , He will teach me Autocad and on Sunday I am going to the movies so If I see an interesting movie I will have my regular review here.
I received some praisal from a friend of mine that is a solid professional inker and I am really proud.
Also wish me and my piece the best of Luck in the Exposition of Almeria I am really proud of what is happening with my work and believe me I have really big plans ahead!!

Great Day!!!


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