Monday, June 05, 2006

Indigo 0.618 or as my guru says Mendigo 0.618

Mendigo means two things in spanish Beggar or in the way a friend of mine says Mendigo also means Prick.
Well I just wanted to add some information about the talk that Bonita Annita added.

Bonita Annita said...
MmmScience mind striking back"n this series of numbers each term is the sum of the previous two terms as follows:0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89
The division of any two adjacent numbers gives the amazing Golden number e.g.34 / 55 = 0.618 or inversely 55 /34 = 1.618."
0/1 = 0
1/0= infinite
1/1= 1
1/2= 0.5
2/1= 2
You may say that the fibonacci series converge to the the golden number by the division of the last member of the series (maybe) but not of any of the adjacent number that conform the series itself.Sorry, I chosed science. My fault.

Bonita Annita was right and I forgot to mention the real intention of having the adjacent number that conforms the series.

There is a formal explanation where states that

0/1 = 0 God or the Universe
1/0= infinite same as God or the Universe where 0+0 conforms the 8 that is also infinite.
1/1= 1 The Unity sometimes taken as the human carcass or coccon We have.Our Vitrol.
1/2= 0.5 Beauty concept sometimes wrong because the perfect number is always 3. Maybe one of the reasons of taking 2 as perfection is that 0.5 taken in the 3 sizes of the triangle makes 1.5 that is the other half of 1.5 that is in short terms Female and Male and 2 times 1.5 makes 3.
2/1= 2 Duality sometimes taken as the masterplan We have on Earth that means the Couple.
2/3=0.666 etc

In simple terms the more you look for Perfection or Harmony the closer you get to the number 0.618 or your own spirituality or your own EQUILIBRIUM.

There is also a great explanation in the way petals in flowers work following these series of numbers!!!

Disclaimer... probably depends on the culture or the imput the references can change but not so aggresively.

Bonita Annita Junio llego asi que empieza a mover los planes!!!

A big Hug to everyone!!


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