Sunday, June 25, 2006

Within You is The Domain Where You Will Find Peace.

As usual my compass in terms of what is on fashion is Wondy! and by checking her link today I found this amazing artist. Kozy n Dan.
Art By Kozy n Dan
From what I read is the plastic artist of many covers from Postal Service (also one of my favorite groups, that is also what I will do to become the artist of a band :) )...Thanks Wondy!!


Lost Prophets
Primal Scream is great although this new single Country Girl is not my fave!
Editors have a new single called Blood great one!

Sometimes I do not normally talk about music in spanish done in my country because to be honest sometimes is too pop or commercial but I have some favorites in my country but only because the majority of the work they do is quality.
Colaborativo Nortek
El gran Silencio
Salon Victoria
Panteon Rococo.
Chetes (this guy was in a group I guess Zurdok Movimiento sad this group is no longer together, I am not sure if He is in Vaquero.)
Benny Ibarra (This guy is what James Blunt is or was in UK but believe me this guy has done incredible music over the years as has a proposal in terms of music).
Many people are talking about Porter (to be honest I still do not get their music but so many people is talking about them so probably I am just wrong).The same happens to me about Panda, I still do not get them, they have the misfortune to sound horrible over TV but in concerts they sound kind of good.
I do like a lot...
Austin TV some stuff from Bengala...and Cafe Tacuba is always pure quality!

Have a nice weekend all of you!!!


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wondy woman said...

Thanks Jesus! Good taste you have too !