Saturday, June 03, 2006

I Ching I Dream

Dreams in that written bow.

I am using the computer of my brother and He let me set this image. Some months ago I wrote this as an experiment of an idea I have in mind.
If you want to see the version in spanish you need to get into the profile section and check in Strange Corners (Angulos Extraños). Now the difference is that I am loading the Cover.

Si quieres leer la historia en Español se encuentra en la area de profiles en el vinculo de Angulos Extraños.

Dream©2006 Jesús Antonio Hernández Rodríguez
Scene One
Panel One.

Tadako in front of the bathroom’s mirror smiling after watching written in crayon over the mirror this:

“In visions of the dark night
I have dreamed of joy departed-
But a waking dream of life and light
Hath left me broken hearted “

Panel Two
Tadako still smiling while being sit over the bed is caressing the revolved blankets.
Tadako: when you promised me you will write poems every single day over the mirror I just thought that you were just kidding and now I just can not think of a day without those lines...I only think of you”
Tadako crosses from the bedroom to the living room where Iwa is sleeping over the couch.
Tadako presses gently the forehead of Iwa with her hands.
Tadako: My dear Heaven, my only cherub I just can not live without you, you have the key of my heart.
In that exact moment Tadako remembers the day Iwa and She got a tattoo, He decided to have a heart shape on his chest with a lock drawn on it, while she had the key on her right hand, promising eternal love in just caressing and kisses.

Scene Two
Panel One.

Iwa and Tadako are sitting in a nearby bench inside the Amusement Park while Tadako is eating a sugar candy; Iwa is looking for something inside his school bag.
Tadako: What are you looking for?
Iwa: Nothing …nothing…ahhhhh I finally got it!!
Iwa is handling a marker pen on his right hand and whispering to Tadako`s ears.
Iwa: Just close your eyes tight and do not open them!
Iwa hold Tadako`s right hand while She is giggling.
Tadako: Iwa, it tickles!!
After some minutes Tadako still keeping her eyes closed.
Iwa: Open your eyes and read!
Tadako has on her hand this written:

'Oh, love me! Love me!
Singing so sadly, singing so long--
Love me! Oh, love me!
I would give true love, so deep, so strong,
To him who would give true love to me. Nought on the hill and nought on the sea--
Oh, love me! Love me!

Tadako is speechless and her eyes start to tear.
Tadako: Iwa come here, come closer…
She sets her written hand over his face and kindly kisses him.
Tadako: In you I can explain myself, in you I can live, if you die I will die too.

Nice isn`t it?

Great Day!!



wondy woman said...

You will be a star, Jesus

The Old Lady said...

Its great to see some drawings up from you again.