Thursday, June 15, 2006

Love for Dummies: Man of Little Faith.

MMMMM Yesterday I was waiting for my teacher who told me that today We will finally agree on the information for next class of the Workshop it was what I did not want, because that means I will not sleep well tonite working on that but what the Heck! :)
I was really hesitant to call this post a Love for Dummies but yesterday I was really angry, firstable the call that I received and later on the attitude of Red Head that is still in my group and at times She is like playful or sometimes is defensive...not that I matter really I mean She just decided She does not want anything with me but Has never happened to you to see the person you like or love destroying herself or himself or even worst without direction and You can not do anything. Sounds funny but yesterday while it was the call-conversation I was wondering..Why are you calling me? What does You know who want? Why after all this time and just having such a vain conversation? or in the class I was wondering Why is red head looking at me in that way If She does not want anything? .
Probably Ego but yesterday I was a bit upset, but I remember the lesson I had some time ago from a friend who told me from both situations "If the lesson She has to learn is to screw the things up just let her be but be really far..really far from her" now I am really much better and happy!.

Have a great day!!


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AnnaRaven said...

Human motivation is so complicated. It´s difficult to walk on somebody else´s shoes, because they don´t fit your feet so you can´t really go through the true experience.