Monday, June 26, 2006

Charcoal, Gold Squares and Gold Circles.

Did you know this is maybe the most expensive portrait ever sold?... and that it is done by the incredible Gustav Klimt, last week was sold for a huge amount of money. Well this weekend was the longest ever and I just had time to rest, I already read a book for the Workshop about Industrial Design and now I have this week to start an Essay about the book and in two weeks it will be shown by my teacher in his classes. I was thinking in starting my Monography yesterday but I just couldn´t and I hope by Thursday to start writing the body of the Monography and stablish the parts, in fact I will work next weekend on the design of the mural that will be in the Law Office of my Brother where I will decorate the spaces. So expect the results over next week.I am still thinking in a horror story to write for the Anthology where I was invited.....mmmm... think..think..think..:).
Yesterday, I was forcing myself to design a logo of one of my Stories and I finally got it!!,the difficulty was to see the Logo upside down or in front and it is the same design, I am proud of what I did!!!!. So expect some news on the project Ambar and the Logo, in some months.
I already responded half the mails I owe so If you haven´t received yours I am working on that over today and tonite very late nite!! :)
Great day!!


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