Thursday, June 15, 2006

Love for Dummies: Too High or Too Low,Too Big or Too Little.

Bonita Annita wrote:
Human motivation is so complicated. It´s difficult to walk on somebody else´s shoes, because they don´t fit your feet so you can´t really go through the true experience.

Now I have another question so you guys help me have a wide perspective on the matter. After reading what Annita wrote but also a conversation with one of my best friends (girl) today in the afternoon,We were just analyzing a situation.
I was telling her that I am for the first time really good and feeling plenty but that I do not really understand the motivation of a girl in terms of what She expects from me or from life. So We talk about some people We have in common and there was a situation that was worth to analyze ,I know it is kind of vain but is the way society work at times, I hate this perspective but I wanted to mention this so You could understand my point.

Well... this guy..I will talk..well..He is not the best looking person in the world and besides that The close-minded perception He has from life has made him fall into these circunstances.
1.-To aim high in terms of a girl, He always aims to have the beautiful girl or to the one that always treats him like shit or the one that is really out of his reach. So We were talking that We have limits call them genetical aspects or even social status.
2.-To prejudice people, He thinks that If He can not understand your values You can not be part of his life and you are just a sinner(literally!!!).
3.-His own image of himself is really different to what He thinks it is, I mean I know He has some bigs issues to solve in terms of the conception He has of himself. Sometimes acting as a big jerk just to hide the little and few nice things He has.

So I was telling my friend that this is the first time that I do not know If I am just aiming too high or too little. When I was commenting this She kind of giggle telling me that I could have any girl I want but the right girl has not arrived yet. I have had many kinds of girlfriends I mean for me the social status or the way you look is NOT the priority. I have to say I have the stereotype I really like but for me is more about If I feel comfortable with the person and If I enjoy her conversation and If this girl is really heading to an specific place or goal and If I like the way her saliva and liquids taste.
So my question is.... maybe am I having more problems to find the right person because at the same time I have not these kind of social standard fringes (status, look,etc)? Or maybe because while being afraid of being hurt I had became just picky?

I was also talking to a friend that I need to learn to have people around my life without having big or little expectations on them and learn in not feeling hurt, and try to make people to get closer to me even If I do not have the same direction so I am working in letting myself just flow and be...

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The Old Lady said...

One thing i've found is we are pickier as we get older.But thats good we know what we don't want.