Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

I have to say that I never never read the book before in fact my teacher just gave me today the spanish version of Angels and Demons to read it before getting into the Da Vinci Code.
I have really mixed emotions because I was really expecting a big thriller, I mean probably the book is much better than the Movie, do not get me wrong, I liked the movie, not love it just like it. I didn´t like some of the decisions in terms of the directing and some of the sequences really low paced.
The one thing that really annoyed me over the movie, well in fact were two things.
The first is that mostly all of the facts given by the movie were known already. All the terminology and the situation specially the evangels or godspells that are not recognized...well old story....indeed....When I was really young I read the Golden Crown with all those Godspells. I have to say in the defense of the movie that the symbols and the story behind really matched and it was incredibly handled by the writer.
But the thing that annoyed me the most is that exactly at the minute 20 of the movie when the girl is showcased I already knew who She was.......I am sure a kind of clue was given even without the intention so soon...or maybe is just me!!
I really liked the movie and If you have some time just go and watch it!

Great Day!!



Crónicas de Sepelaci said...

¿En el minuto 20?
¿Tanto tardaste? :-D

Cuando leí el libro, me di cuenta de lo que nos quería contar el tipo este nada más se supo que ella era la nieta del muerto.

Por cierto, una estupenda novela... hasta la mitad del libro. Después cae sin remedio hasta la mediocridad y el aburrimiento.

En la película, curiosamente, es al contrario. Comienzo lento, y un final... No diría yo que bueno, pero vamos, visible.

Un saludín

wondy woman said...

I can't stand the book - I am reading it at the moment, it really does not do it for me. I bet the film is typical Ron Howard making a Tom Hanks veichle. Grrr.

What a waste of a fabulous concept.