Sunday, June 11, 2006

Tajin no fukou wa mitsu no aji

Some months ago I was doing a writing exercise from the great guys at Angulos Extraños and I never had the chance to translate it into English until now so Enjoy aside the Cover I did.

Ku:tajin no fukou wa mitsu no aji

KU:Tajin no fukou wa mitsu no aji.©2006 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez.

Time:3:00 AM
Place: High Way in Tokio
Speed: 210 Km/HR
The Director of the sequential (that means Me) stablishes that the whole scene will be shot with a music in the background. Black Eyed Peas "Pump it".

Panel One:
We see a driver in a Red Diablo, The camera angle is at the back part of the car so We can not see his face, just the eyes over the rearview mirror.
Panel Two: His left hand is checking the rearview mirror.
“I can not go faster and I can not get those two black cars out of my sight…they keep chasing me…”
Panel Three: At last We can see his profile and We see a male of 27 years, light brown complected with asian features of about 1.70 cm tall, athletic, short black hair. Wearing a balck leather jacket, red t-shirt and a set of wireless headphones, bruised and with some cuts over the face.
On his right there are two weapons, a beretta, an Ak47 and a knife machete type that has a grabbing piece in form of a Puma.
In the same panel starts a FlashBack.
Every single scene has to describe what KU says...
Image one: We can see KU in an american city probable New Jersey playing in one poor japanese barrio nearby.
"Who would say what has happened so soon, without knowing my parents, my uncle and aunt took care of me over my first years calling me KU for being the nine of the children living with them…”
Image Two:We see KU was fifteen and hidden in one of the warehouses of an american Airport and waiting to board one the plains crying out loud.
"I could not permit more hitting and abuse from my uncle so I just killed him with a heavy stone and left scared to shit to find who my parents were…”
Image Three:We can see KU in his earliest 16 years old pulling the trigger of a gun killing a brazilian politician on the Closing day of the Campaign in Brazil..
"I landed Brazil and soon starvation made me prostitute myself and a mogul from that place offered me something quite interesting…killing someone for a big load of bucks..that´s is how I became a Sicario (Hitman)".
Image Four: We can see KU leaving the brazilian prison at the age of 18.
Luckuly I had nothing to lose and because I was a minor when I killed that politician I just came out of prison. I´m still thinking that someone else let me go before expected…”
Image Five:We see KU arriving to Kobe in Japan.
"With all that money over my hands when arriving to Japan I decided to be in search of my roots knowing I could not expect too much…”
Image Six:We now can see KU in his first 22 years in a bar surrounded by Japanese whores.
"In one strike of luck I made myself even richer pimping whores and with proper bonds with porn- websites and by blackmailing I became richer and more powerful..but I want it more…more!”
Image Seven:We see How one of KU´s prostitutes is being stabbed by a high executive Japanese. In one of the expensive rooms over the hotel, the executive out of control, while We see KU reflected in one of the mirrors of that room.
“Until that stupid whore lost her life but before that She just screwed everything up by contagiating hiw with Aids".
Image Eight:We see KU just two months ago being beaten by one of the Yakuza´s gangs.
"Of course that sonova…took revenge…but I also had my own plan…”
Image Nine: We can see KU four hours ago and slicing the executive´s stomach spreading his guts all over the floor of a Temple in Tokio.

We return to the present
The Car is running fast avoiding cars and busess over Tokio.
Panel Four: We see how Ku looks back to the sit next to him and We can see a Yakuza guard with all his throat sliced wide open and hardly breathing in the process of agony.
Panel Five: KU turns his sight to the back sits and with a sarcastic smile look at two other bodies stabbed to death by him.
Panel Six: We see how the Yakuza´s guard (the one with the sliced throat) tries to get something out of his left pocket.
Panel Seven: Ku notices that and takes his revolver out
KU: You are still alive…but not for …
Panel Eight: We can see how KU blows all the brains out from that guard.
Blam!! Blam!!
KU: long…!
Panel Nine:We have a close up to the Face and hands of KU, We his that his left hand is handcuffed in the steering wheel .
KU: Sonova…Holy shit!! How the Fuck?
Panel Ten: We see the car spinning in a 180 degree turn taking the opposite direction He had and now in straight direction to both cars that were still chasing him.
Panel Eleven: We see how the Yakuza´s gangsters look horrofied that the Red Diablo will crash them straight.
Panel Twelve: We see KU looking for something under the sit of the car and starts counting.
KU: 5, 4…!
Panel Thirteen: We see the impact: The more detailed is the scene the better.
We listen to the screams, and the explotion following the crash of the 3 cars.
Panel Fourteen: We see Ku with glass incrusted all over his body and his back just burnt.
We make a close up to his right hand and We see the knife machete style.
Panel Fifteen: We have a new close up in the same position mentioned on the prior panel and now We see that his left hand was cut off by himself before the impact.
KU:“Someone will pay for this”

Have a great and fun Day!!


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