Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sweet Dying Chants In My Sour Ears

Yesterday was really cool, I went to Las Luchas and I really enjoyed the semi last fight. I guees it was Mascara and Brazo de Platino VS Los Villanos (incredible pair and workteam!!).
I also enjoyed the fight with Sagrado and Volador.
And the fight with Mistico and Wagner was really good, now I want a new toy I saw a beautiful Wagner official mask and it is 40 bucks, so I am starting to save money to buy it next time He shows himself down my state.:)
I haven´t heard of my teacher and I am a little concerned because If We do not use today or tomorrow to get done with the notes We will work really hard on the night of Friday and Saturday to pull the class and to be honest I want to rest my proper time of the night.
Today seems like a good day I will keep you guys informed.

I am recommending now to listen:
Magic Numbers
Nelly Furtado with her new single Maneater.
I am not really fond of Regaee but Matisyahu is Awesome!!

Update number one:
Some minutes ago You Know who called me (newbies check in the archives to see Who You Know is :) )..She wanted to know where I was up to.... Since Feb that I did not know about her..I still do not get why a person who doesn´t want to be with you still just calling..and after the harsh argument last time...I do not understand the process maybe is just me,maybe She wants to be nice but I do no see the point I still do not know If She was(were) about to ask me something but I just answered so cold that probablay I just killed her idea with my attitude. Girls...girls..girls!!!

Great Day!!


The Old Lady said...

I think she misses having your attention.

antonio said...

Well that really sucks and She has to understand that You can not get all the things you own way. (I have also to say that to myself) But you get my point..hahaha !!
The problem is that when She calls me I really get pissed off probably because I still feel used..thanks June


antonio said...
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