Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Justice I just want Justice!!

Maybe it will sound really different my comment today but in the rest of the week I will reveal part of the situation that is happening now in my job, I just won´t say too much because I do not want to warn anyone but well again a situation in my work needs the Daemocles Sword and I really want Justice!
I do not get it sometimes We work really hard in the coherency in all levels and a poor and lame spirit comes to destroy it, but I just had it.
I was praying to my 3 angels for Justice and tomorrow I will get it!!. Yes, I have them and are beautiful!!.
By the way it seems the perfect way you can help me please pray in the ways you know for me and tell Ezekiel, Malakias and Samael to be with me and to open the walls , I am not seeking for revenge I am seeking for Justice!!
This gives me The Meme for you.
What is the name of your angel(s)?
Ezekiel, Malakias and Samael.
What is the color of your aura? Blue normally and today to be honest red.
What is your mission? I keep my answer for next week :)

Have a great day and pray for me!!


ps:About the Box script seems that is not so original the idea so I will write another one, my friend the editor gave me a great explanation and gave me so many references that I really appreciated it...that talks incredibly about his in a sense was a good exercise to keep my mind working.

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The Old Lady said...

I hope you get justice in your situation.My prayers are with you my sweet friend.