Monday, June 05, 2006

Facta, non verba

I know that this might sound against what I promised some time about not talking of future artwork but I am doing this for two things.... to make it official and also at the same time to make this a solid project by proclaiming it.
I am doing this because now I can say it is official!!!

There is going to be an Anthology from a friend of mine where We were about to participate in Shivers Anthology number 1 with ROBOT LOVE, unfortunately We had a problem with one of the processes involved so Robot Love will not be printed in the first issues and from what I know my friend is already working in number 3 so that means that hopefully Robot Love will be printed over numbers 4 or 5.

So I am making this announcement official so you can know what to expect.

Shivers Anthology will print Robot Love written by the incredible Hulk writer RON FORTIER and drawn by me.
VICTOR ALOS is working in an story for this Anthology that will be drawn by me totally!!
The greatest horror writer I have ever met PEDRO L. LOPEZ is also working in one story that I will draw totally, and from what I heard Pedro has the story already.
Besides that I am writing a story that will be also printed on these Series and at this point I think another penciler will get the duty of the art.
Mainly because I have work with Nik and many more friends so I will be really busy on other projects.

I will include more friends as soon as the work is coming along!!
And more news about Shivers Anthology when are my way!!

Great day to you!!!


Post Scriptum
Chuck I am totally with you.....take care and chin up!!!!!

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