Thursday, June 22, 2006

Justice has its own terms and times.!

I still do not know how a poor spirit can have all that rancor to make gossips be his sword, I was a bit upset and down because my friends (that I really loved them and I know they love me) know who I am but when poisonous lips affect what I have tried to achieved for so many is not really fair.
Now I am with a little mild headache after the talk I had with my friend and boss (She is just an angel :)), there are some resolutions but only time will tell. Now what matters is that this weekend I start my Monography and from this weekend I have 2 months to get done with it and tramit my degree in Architecture, also I am myself teaching Photoshop (so many artists and friends are being so kind to help me so that means that if everything goes well in about 6 months I will start showing results in my artwork here and printed work.
About the other topic well some of you have always assumed I am into the spiritual matters and Yes! I am! but sometimes I rather not say anything because I was and I am and I still working first internally so I can be myself in all the levels the same without loads and contracts I do not want.
And for a funny situation a friend of mine started teaching me about meditation and talking to my angels etc, and I am learning in baby steps. I am not telling to believe I only pass the info :) so you know why I am happy. I mean spirituality knocked my door some time ago and I am just trying to be coherent with myself.!!!
Bottom line, I am a nice person in the overall but for the first time I won´t make anyone to stop my Path, I am starting to know it and I am happy with it . If Justice means to defend myself I will do so!

Great day to all of you!!

I will work on something over the weekend so expect new art!!


About music well yesterda was quite good while explaining a friend of mine the situation that I had in my job. I decided to buy some compacts.
David Bowie
Lacrimosa (this is first time listening to them I am in a serious way)

And I want to recommend some groups that I have been listening lately as my brother says pure noise :), He says that because for him is the same guitar rythm and drum beat for Indy but I like it and I see the differences.

Vaux, this french group is amazing!!
Asian kung Fu Generation
The Zutons.
The Kills
We are Scientists


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