Friday, June 23, 2006

My Little Conspiracy XXXI.

This is one of the cases I wished I knew more about some people´s work and this is a good example I just remember to see 3 or 4 images from her some time ago and it is a little too late for more, Asun Balzola, one of the most important girl illustrators of Spain having so little work in the comic industry received el Premio Nacional de Ilustración y el Apel·les Mestres.
A loss She passed away recently. If you my spanish friend send me a link to enjoy more of her work I will appreciate it..distances.distances...arghhhh!!
Sorry Carcel for stealing but I am healing :).

On another note I want my friends in Spain to buy El Batracio Amarillo it is a great magazine of humor and with many friends over so many that I am afraid of mentioning and to screw it up by forgetting a name! :)
Buy el Batracio Amarillo!!! Thanks guys at Batracio for being so kind with me I do not deserve it! really!! :)


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