Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Little Conspiracy XXXIV.

The 1st Anniversary of La Kodorniz is NEXT SUNDAY! And what a better way to celebrate this than to have an special number aside the regular humor magazine you enjoy everySunday, I normally wait for Sunday so you can see the new work but this time is really special and I want to show the celebration piece I did for this ocassion, Imagine the pieces of the rest of the incredible artists over the place!!

On another note the second chapter of the New Serie of the Creators of Calico Electronico is almost arriving.
The second chapter of HUERFANOS ELECTRONICOS will be showcased first to the members tomorrow!(No I am not a member so I will wait for the day after) I guess that by July 1st everybody will be available to watch the chapter :)
Info in Spanish:
YA LLEGA!!! YA ESTÁ AQUÍ!!!La esperadísima continuación de la NUEVA serie de de los creadores de CálicoElectrónico!!!Llega el 2º Capítulo de HUÉRFANOS ELECTRÓNICOS!!!Quiénes serán los seleccionados? De quién era la voz del final del capítulo?...y, sobre todo, DÓNDE ESTÁ CÁLICO?
Si eres socio, este viernes día 30/06/06, podras ver el preestreno de este segundo capítulo de la nueva serie Huerfanos Electrónicos.

Great Day!!


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