Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Divine World Of the Dusted Dreams.

I am listening now "I touch myself" of the Divinyls (a very old group from the 80´s) and I just woke up late knowing I need to start the Essay from the book I read and to start my Monography over Thursday. Today is going to be spectacular because I will see El Hijo del Santo, Maximo, Amapola and India Sioux fighthing at night.
Dusting my room I found this piece a great friend has in his house, in fact I did it and use all my knowledge to draw and ink the piece, He even has a colored piece!.
Now I am listening "Frankie goes to Hollywood"...my god... relax ..don´t do it...relax..don´t do it!!
This is one of the pieces I feel happy with the result!
If something happens I will let you know guys and I am now waiting for the game Spain v France!! I guess you know who is my favorite, right?.

Great Day!!

Wondy wrote on her blog
"Why can the person I love not realise that I'm trying to better myself? I am trying to find meaning in this humdrum life. If I want to write, whether people are interested or not, I will do so. Life isn't about walking on eggshells and watching your Ps & Qs. I will say what I want and do what I want."

That is the tiny problem We always have: to watch to the outside and not the interior, the outside is always messy and difficult to understand do not understand what makes others happy, understand what makes you happy and nurture yourself, We do not have to please anyone but ourselves. In the moment We are full and happy We share to others our happiness.
Just accept the strenghts and flaws of you and the other. ;)
Kisses Wondy!!
And I totally get you, You know that!! By the way I looking for Marebito to watch!!


wondy woman said...

Such good advice, Jesus! Thank you at least I can count on you in this life! Love you as always x x

antonio said...

So fast the response...and Yes You caN count on me!! :)

Kisses and more kisses!! :)