Monday, June 27, 2005

Love for Dummies. Art and Venus

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Well before my Love for Dummies report, what a better way to show it by showing you the great Venus done by Velazquez and part of an erotic collection for many years in Spain and UK.
It is even the perfect way to say how I still feel, Did you know that the piece was stabbed 5 times by a girl protesting in favor of the right to vote in the early 1906.(Yes, in case you asked me I checked for my third time a TV program talking about this beauty).
Well the funny part is the photo below that is a dumb experiment done in UK to demonstrate the real perspective, I mean an artist with two fingers in the forehead can see that the perspective in the mirror was always wrong, right here is the Clever intention of Velazques and the doble prank here. "Hey do you want to see my parts or my face?"...a beautiful an poetical display of mastery.

Well some minutes ago You know whom sent me this message.

"Hi, although I haven`t seen you to say hello I just listen to you voice and that just tells me you are there. Bye. Take care with CariƱo. (yes, I need to write the word in spanish because I do not know how to translate it because sometimes it means Love ,Sympathy or Appreciation).

I just answered "And I am always there anytime you need me I am there. Kisses.With Love."

I mean I am still in the same position I do not see the point to get to the same situation all over again, yes, I admit it I hide in a way not to be seen by her but I am hiding just my heart is just that!.
And Yes, I am trying to meet new girls not to have ideas on my head.

Well because I have no explanation about this.
I just need to let it go!!!...

Great day to you!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

sometimes we cant explain things.Maybe youre not yet ready to move on even though your looking.Sometimes still i feel like im looking but not really seeing.
Take care

antonio said...

The situation here is that I do not see the point of trying to be there for a person who doesn`t want to make a position.
About the way I answered to her I made a vow to myself of responding so literally to her everytime She writes.
The point if you can see , It is pretty clear that I just want everything or nothing.
And besides that everytime that passes I get more and more disapointed and well I got no clue.
She answered to me again some minutes ago telling me "thank you so much, I will ask you for a favor soon.."
Well i do not want to have my heart bouncing and bouncing every five minutes like that I need to set a stop, You are right June I set a limit in my brain but in my heart I am still figuring out things....JESUS ANTONIO