Monday, June 06, 2005

Talking about X`s

American History X Posted by Hello

What in hell are you waiting to watch this movie!!? This is one of my favorite movies.
American History X is a very interesting movie!!

Well my two cents....JESUS ANTONIO

Late night Update:
I received some nice e-mails during the day.
I went to buy some envelopes so I will send tomorrow the first set of envelopes and next day the other.
Entire silence from you know whom.
I am contacting now some guys to start rolling the ball on a secret project I have in hands!.
I will start showing work of El Clan early next week.
Now I need to figure out a way to get some money to buy material and stuff.
A nice day in the overall.
Tomorrow will be devoted to just write mails and emails to people.
Have a great day and go watch this movie.
Thanks Gerry for the tip.
Nik, tell your Mom I wish her the best!!. I will write to you properly tomorrow night or next day in the morning.

Good day!!


wondy woman said...

I also think American History X is one of the best films. It gives a valid argument for both sides of the race story - whether you agree with them or not

antonio said...

I agree totally!!! :) :)