Wednesday, June 08, 2005

1864 Brainstorming

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1864© Pedro L. Lòpez and Jesùs Antonio Hernàndez Rodrìguez.

Well today We are starting the first brainstorming with the nice Pedro.
It might sound really odd but I have to admit that when I work with Nik Havert and with Pedro L. Lopez everything comes like Magic. They really know how I think and well I am so proud to be working with these two great writers.
Well I started some time ago to round about the idea of using the date 1864 as the base of the story, I ask Pedro If He could help me get a good concept, and well He ask me what it was on my mind, He already knows what 1864 means and He told me about ideas to come up with.
I will keep the meaning of 1864 for a couple of days more to see If someone guesses.
Right now Pedro is working in some ideas to really mold the concept.
What Can I say about the project till now that It will include:

The Victorian age (We will try to see If We set it on Spain or in England the story).
A Victorian Love
A Victorian Girl in despair.

So Well the same as El Clan I will try to have a journal on how this story develops, I have a great feeling about the concept.

What I will do..... well do you remember I set an image in pastel with the great work of R. Armstrong?. I will start drawing a Cover using pastel as the presentation of our story.

Have a great time!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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