Monday, June 13, 2005

The Amazing Spider Man 87

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If you look close the date of this mexican edition was December 1981 ..damn!! I am getting old :)
This incredible piece is one of my favorite ones I still remember when I bought this copy I was about to enter to my first year of Elementary School.
I read it on a Wednesday and after going out from school being with my Grandma. :)
This is a key number in the life of Peter Parker, after the Death of the uncle of Gwen Stacy(Captain Stacy), Peter is about to confess her that He is Spider Man but has a fight with this villian (in spanish the name was Merodeador).
Well Gwen decides to go abroad the country and go to Europe (London if I remember well) and Peter was about to stop her but He never could so one of the best scenes is when Peter is leaving the airport.
Stan Lee wrote the issue and the great John Romita Senior did the marvelous work.I have to be honest I am pretty sure that John Romita participated more in this issue in terms of the plot than it is credited.

Great day to you!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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