Thursday, June 09, 2005

1864 The concept

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1864© 2005 Pedro L. Lòpez and Jesùs Antonio Hernàndez Rodrìguez

Well I decided to call this story 1864 for a simple reason. That is the year where the word "Pornography" was label as the odd concept that still remains, it appeared in the Webster Dictionary.
So Well Pedro L. Lopez and I are going to create a story with the basic idea of an Erotica risque comic love story based in The Victorian Age.
One of the main ideas is to have the story and the plot to be the root and the real path of the story and not only a set of risque Erotica sequences.
for Obvious reasons We will try to have those sequences apart from the story in a way I mean I want people to be interested in the story not only in the imagery, so for us (in case is neccessary) will be easy to drop those risque scenes and continue having a very strong solid story.
This weekend We will work on the plots and the best option to attack the concept.

Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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