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The Corner..... Robot Love and Chuck Gibson Part Two

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Hey guys let`s continue with the great interview with Chuck Gibson (btw there was a pleasant surprise about some info He let me know..and thing that made me so happy today and well I will tell what all this is about soon).

Check in the archives for the first part and also the interview to the nice person and writer Ron Fortier.

Second part.

JESUS ANTONIO.-I was thinking seriously to what you said last time about inking and the way you see it, and I was also thinking that the first times trying to become a penciler I was just imitating the final look to be like the inked pages and not the penciled ones. Did you set a limit or a line about your career in the medium? (I mean have you set a time limit to see some results of just to continue with the journey).

CHUCK GIBSON-I don't really think there's any sort of limit you can set on any of this if you're being honest about how you're going about it all. You might get tired of the business itself and walk away from that part of it----but if you're being honest with yourself, you're doing this because you love telling stories--that part doesn't go away. Even if all you're doing is sitting and drawing stories for yourself that no one will ever see while you do something else to make money---at heart, you're a storyteller and it's hard to walk away from that part. It's like waking up one day and saying you'll no longer use your left hand for anything or something like that. It's all either part of you or it isn't.

JESUS ANTONIO.-In terms of your work what it has been the Best moment or Best work done till now for you and Why?

CHUCK GIBSON.-I think my best inks were done in the Silken Ghost work because I wasn't being told HOW to ink those pencils at all. I did what I thought was appropriate for them without any input from anyone else. So many times I've been told by a penciler that he likes 'so-and-so's' inking or is going for a particular look---as soon as that happens, I feel obligated to one degree or another to 'steer' what I do towards that look rather than just following my own instincts.

JESUS ANTONIO.-I already know the answer but tell the guys specially the newbies.
Do you recommend them to get into the medium? Yes, No and Why?

CHUCK GIBSON.-The medium itself----sure, go ahead---but don't count on making a living at it is all. I guess that's my best answer. The medium itself is a great one. The business that's commercially 'supporting' that medium is in sad shape and has been for a very long time. Don't come into it if you're coming into it for the money, because there just isn't any here anymore---but if you're coming in because you love to draw and tell stories, I think now is as good of a time as ever.

JESUS ANTONIO.-About Robot Love, Can you give the guys an idea on how will you approach the work?

CHUCK GIBSON.-Now why in the world would I do that? The folks here have seen how great the pencils are and have an idea of the story based upon what's there visually---I don't think we should give it ALL away. If they want to see what I've done with it and they want to read the words that go with the pictures, I think it's only fair that they pay the cost to buy the book. :)

JESUS ANTONIO.-How do you attack the page in terms of the skill and the mental visualization, is there a ritual you have or do you set a limit time in every page?

CHUCK GIBSON.-I have to look at the page and visualize it as finished work. I have to see the pencil as finished ink---every time, no matter what. Sometimes I'm only visualizing the part I'm working on that particular moment as finished---but I always have to have that mental image of what those pencils should look like when inked to have any idea of what to do with it.

End of the second part.

WOW!! Great isn`t it?

Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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