Monday, June 13, 2005

The Phantom sorrounding my namesake

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Namesake time!!
Today is supposedly the day of a big celebration at home.San Antonio de Padua is celebrated and there is an old tradition to celebrate this day because the first boy in the family adquires de name Antonio. Yes, My Greatgrandfather was Antonio, my Grandfather, My Father, I and I hope my first little boy will have the name.
But for an odd situation nobody has said anything even buying a cake or something, anyway If I celebrate something I will tell for sure If not only hoping next year to be different.
I already got the synoses I was waiting for so I hope to finish them this week and start packaging up everything for next week and see If the spanish editors say something good.
I am finally contacting some people for the favors I said.
I hope to have time to draw and to color Luchador!
El clan will have the update tomorrow.
Watch the movie THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 1925 (yes, silent movie) Universal has now the Copyrights, there is a beautiful sequence in color where the Phantom wears an amazing red disguise!!!.

Have a great time and see you later on or tomorrow!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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