Monday, June 13, 2005

Love for Dummies The cinematical vision

Well today no celebration from what I heard at home we are a little short in money so well there would be more years to celebrate. :)
I feel today a bit angry and with that sour taste in mouth (I had a dumb situation today so I am just pondering my actions more wisely), the way I am feeling might be really better said by telling you one of those beautiful stories you heard or read in your tiny life, is from Cinema Paradiso (so please this is a kind of spoiler so If you want to see the movie just skip this post, it doesn`t affect the movie plot but is an essential part).
Well Toto is trying to figure out what to do about the love He feels for the upper class girl He met and the old wise man told him a story.

This is probably the way I feel today and in a way will be my way to give a closure to the feeling I have, So I really deeply hope that this is my last Love for Dummies talking about her. (In case I continue talking about her sorry my bad:), but I will try to have my closure with this,and hopefully the next love for dummies section is less drama hahahahahah).

"Once upon a time and as a regular known fact There was a beautiful Princess in the Kingdom who always used to take a walk at a very precise time, all the days at the same time.
One soldier was guarding the place near the palace where happens to be in the same route of that Princess, Well call it destiny or fate, He was at proper time at the wrong moment, guarding one of the wings of the castle in the distance He sees the beautiful Princess, well We have to say that a simple crush became an infatuation, He just fell in love at first sight looking at those beautiful eyes and losing himself in that sight.
He was determined to obtain the love of the Princess and one day He approached the Princess and confess his love to her.
She felt offended by such a demonstration of boldness and just dare the soldier telling him that If He could be in front of her balcony for 100 days without moving that would be a clear demonstration of his love for her and She would accept him unconditionally.
And the sign that He had won her heart would be when the door and window from the balcony gets open.
He felt so happy and accepted The Challenge, suffice is to say that He started his first day in front of that balcony just waiting eagerly to get her heart. Second day past and people started to spread the word about the challenge, a day became a week and a week became a month.
After a month the soldier was still in the same place, You can imagine He was starting to lose weight but his heart and temper was so strong to continue trying to pursue that cold heart.
His soldier friends were cheering him up at the beginning but later on they started to face the cold facts, but he was in the same position no changes and just expecting to see finally that door and that window opened.
Well the month became two and two became three, 90 days hoping to have that door and window opened, We have to say that during those 90 days He had to bear with any kind of weather and also from the comments of people, but He was determined to continue there.
The Princess was amazed to see that strenght in a person, Sometimes at night was looking in one of the cracks of the door just to find out that the soldier was there, She started to have feelings for him We have to say, I mean such a demonstration of love was just unbelievable!!.
People started to gather around him by the day 97, He was still determined to finish his Challenge, day 98 was and people was cheering him up and encouraging to continue with the last 98 passed and finally day 99 was there, people was thrilled about such a Love Proof, night just came and then suddenly the soldier looked at the balcony and a tear was dropped after that He was just walking away in the distance."
Toto asked him why did the soldier leave the place after knowing that He was just some hours away to get what He always wanted, the old wise man told Toto that he had to figure it out by himself".

Can you see my point?
A person that makes you suffer knowing that they can stop that suffering before the limit probably is not the person for you.
Another thing I am not saying that She is a bad person on the contrary She is just great but is sad that her moment of life is not letting her know the whole view as I can.

Havea great great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO


wondy woman said...

I love that movie. And I love that story. Too true is all I can say.

Good luck to you getting over her, Jesus, you will I know it - and better things are on their way.

Wondy x

Sask 1 said...

Hi Jesus Antonio i finally got home
That story is soooo true
Time is a good healer and in my case a holiday did wonders.
I found there were lots of interesting other people out there.
Take care in the meantime
June xx

antonio said...

hey great to see the dynamic duo together again!!
June missing you lots!!

Thanks for the words Wondy and June!!
I am doing my best to get over her!! :) :)
In two day I will start the Comission game so stay tune!!

I am checking in your blog that you really had the ball over there!! I ma happy for you!!...

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...
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Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

it really is true... she should just tell you how she really feels so you would know the situation.

i know there somewhere out there you will find the one that is really for you... best to you jesus --kino--

antonio said...

thanks Kino I really hope the girl is out only concern is taht I am become a bit colder or hard to impress ,you Know?
Best to you Kino....:)...JESUS ANTONIO