Wednesday, June 08, 2005


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Well today I feel a little nostalgic! I have sent already some packages and I will take the day off to rest(that means some plannings are postponed for tomorrow) , I even have a mild headache, I hope by the end of the day to feel much better.
About the image Did you know that Pooh was created by A.A. Milne? c`mon guys not everything has to be Disney.
Hahaha in fact I have to say I am one of those who got issues after watching Bambi, I didn`t like when the mother died (hahahaha dumb child traumas hahahah).
I have to say I do not really like what Disney produces so I keep myself a little out from the work produced by them, and I prefer to get to the roots.(maybe from all the creepy stories I have heard about Disney, did you know that many mexican illustrators used to work for Walt Disney in the 30's and 20's and well some stories are really tragic).
I always laugh my ass off when people do not even care to realize that some of those child stories like Alice in Wonderland etc...where oriented in a very dark venue or for adults.
I have nothing against Disney but I just keep myself away from what they do .
If you have some time track the poems and work done by Milne.

I am starting the brainstorming with Pedro L. Lopez to start co-creating the story 1864.
Today is the last day that you can tell me what you think 1864 is about?
Tomorrow a tiny scope on the project.

I feel a little sleepy I need to rest.. so I guess I am going to my bed.

Great and Fantastic day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Yes, no sign from you know whom and well Now I officially call that everything is just Over.

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