Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cheer me up!!

Well June it really cheered me up the mask in a way!!
I bought this mask last week so expect a photo with it soon...:)
I will buy two more to my amigo Nik during this weekend.
Today I woke up a little mad at some things, I really want to change some stuff I have in my life and well I just need to be wise to have the right changes without affecting myself.
I am a bit sick about some people I deal with in regular life but as I learned this week one thing is the way that I think so as I know people can not think the way I am I am trying hard to learn how to chill out and not to care, sad sometimes people is just so rude.
I sent yesterday I big load of e-mails and some proposals to nice friends I am sure something big is coming so well I need only the endurance and the patience to wait.
Great day to you guys!!
I will go now to take a nap!! :) Yes, I have a mild headache for thinking and thinking :)
Thanks June for the cheering!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Im glad you feel a little better.
Hope you do the best thing for yourself regarding your life.
Im sure you'll get some good offers in soon about your work.
Take care of yourself

antonio said...

How about you are you better?

yes, I am just again pondering what is priority and what is not!
I will take about it as soon as I take decisions!!
I hope you had a much better day!!...JESUS ANTONIO