Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thanks a lot Mike!!!

I just wanna drop a thank you lines to Mike Pascale who has been such an incredible nice and gentle person with me and who wrote some incredible words about a Comission I did to him some months ago.
Mike Thank you so much you really made my day!!

I am taking the liberty to add the link with the Comission. (I hope you do not mind.) :D


And Yes, I am available for comission work ask me directly or Nik.

Have a great day!!....JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Just checked that link.I remember you doing that.I thought at the time how good it was.
Also,yes my day turned out alright in the end.Thanks for asking.
Take care

antonio said...

Thanks June for the words.
Mike Pascale the great guy who ask me for the comission liked the piece a lot and I had a blast doing it!!
Great to hear your day was good,
btw I guess that tomorrow will start the rainy days in my hometown :)...JESUS ANTONIO