Saturday, June 25, 2005

Love for Dummies Mi Pato-Aventura (My Duck-tale)

The Truth about Cats and Dogs Posted by Hello

Well Mi Pato-aventura (there is this expression "Pato-aventura" that people from my generation used to express something that happened to you that was really amazing,dumb or stupid).
Yesterday it was really odd, I woke up really late and I got ready to start my daily job, well when I opened the door of my house in front of me it was my neighbor kissing with a girl in front of me, I took it as a funny thing and I said hello to him and I closed the door of my house and left the place, only one block away from my house I bumped into a couple who were kissing and well You can imagine I interrupted the magical moment They were having, I just apologized for the bump and I just headed to the bus stop to take the bus to my job, I have to say that I took the bus pretty early considering it was a traffic jam at that hour, Well getting into the bus I found a sit and I sat (pretty obvious right?), again I do not know what it was happening yesterday I was around romantic people, in front of the place I sat there were a couple of teens kissing eachother, caressing and holding their hands at that time I started to think of being loved (hahah pretty dramatic hahaha), that was not the bad part well I was starting to feel a little disturbed when I saw the hands of the little teenage boy going a bit down to some areas of the teenange girl that I can not even say now, the funny part is that I was in front of all the show.
Well I was telling to myself "Nothing is happenning everything is on your mind", thankfully the little horny teens left the bus and I finally arrived to my job.
Well I saw a friend I haven`t seen in ages and guess what?.....Yes, He started telling about his new girlfriend. hahaha I was really thinking in accepting things and try to deal with the day.
At that point of the day I was really missing the arms of a girl, well I went to a store near the place were I work and I started having a nice conversation with a girl I like but to be honest I felt a bit dumb because I was about to ask her out and I just chickened out.
I just returned to my work and gave my class and returned to the place were I check my mail and in the distance I saw her (You know whom), thanks God that She never saw me, I have to admit that after looking at her I was a bit blue because I still do not understand the way everything just wound up...for a moment I missed her and I just tried to collect myself and my thoughts again.
Then I arrived home turned the TV and there were two cheesy movies in a road that to be honest saw again and enjoyed.
The first was Let it snow a movie done in 1999 by the Marcus Brothers (I was laughing my ass off in some of the sequences), and The truth about cats and dogs from 1996.
You guess that My day was really odd.

Have a great day!!....JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Sounds like you could of done with a hug that day.I know somedays things can be a little lonely.

antonio said...

You are right Dear June I was waiting for a hug and a kiss all this weekend .. :)!!!
The funny part is that I do not feel lonely at all, it is more like missing people showing me their love, it might sound really dumb but yesterday I was watching a movie (I write about it) well oneof the lines was "I will protect your hapiness" I guess I am waiting for a person that can protect my hapiness ..

Great day to you!!...JESUS ANTONIO