Thursday, June 30, 2005

A fine day.

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Today it turned out to be just really fine.
I received some mails from friends...still waiting for some decisions to make from me and from other kind and nice people.
News I will send next week the next batch of questions to the great Chuck Gibson!! (btw Good know about what Chuck everything will be spectacular and fine).
Amigo Nik I wish your Mom the best and my prayers. (I will answer tomorrow the mail).

News!! An incredible artist and person agree to have an interview done by me so expect such a great great surprise in a couple of weeks.
Some nice mails during the day..I had a blast with my cousin, expect also some photos.
And hopefully in the weekend I will load more work I am doing!!
June good luck in your appointment.
I ate some tortas today...mmmmmm...heavenly delicious!!
Wondy great great site designer you are becoming!!

Great day fellas!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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