Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A personal dream.

I am proving a scanner. Posted by Hello

did you remember that I bought a scanner several months ago?...Well today the person who had to give the scanner finally showed up, I am proving the images and everything so in case that the quality is less in the artwork just give me a couple of weeks till I feel confident enought with it..that is also one of the reasons I am behind schedule with the scans of Luchador!
Well this image is the first part of a Golden dream I used to have since I was really is a Comission but in the viceversa way.
I mean I am going to have a great great person inking the final piece, it will take this piece some time to reach my hands but it will be so... so... so worthwhile because in a way is a dream come true.
Well I am inking the piece and later or this great peson will ink the work.

Have a great time!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

You must be so excited.I hope we get to see the end product.

antonio said...

I am!!! Hopefully the final piece is in a day or two, and I will start yours!! ;)..Great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO