Friday, June 03, 2005

You wished you`ve got mail.

for the 7th time! Posted by Hello

Yesterday I saw again this on TV .
I like the movie a lot, the same happens to me when I watch the movie "When Harry meets Sally" or Cinema Paradiso.

About me getting mail..nope continues the HUGE silence.
I was expecting that!.

Watch this movie.
It`s a must!!

Hey I forgot to recommend music....

The start
Audioslave the new CD is very good.
Miss Kittin

Great weekend!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Gerry Alanguilan said...

I have this movie on DVD! I really like it. I watch it when I want to cheer myself up.

Make sure you check out the original version of this, "Shop Around The Corner" with Jimmy Stewart. If you liked You Got Mail, I'm certain you'll like this one as well.

There are lots of homages in You Got Mail to Shop Around The Corner, like the name of Meg Ryan's store.

And the scene in the cafe where Tom Hanks discovers just who his pen pal is, is almost word for word homage to the original where Jimmy Stewart finds out who his pen pal is.


antonio said...

hahahhaha funny I was thinking of you today in the morning!! I hope everything is going incredibly well as you deserve it Dear Gerry...about the movie I will try to track the movie and see it, I guess I saw it once but now that you told me all the info that Got mail has about the movie I really want to see it more!!
Thanks Gerry...!!
I hope to send you some lines over the end of the week or next...Great time to you!!...JESUS ANTONIO