Thursday, June 09, 2005

June in June!

Thank you June!!! Posted by Hello

Oh My God!! I received the gift today at my door!!
A Love Spoon from Wales!!! Wow!! thanks June!!
I hope you continue having a great time over UK.

btw I received a mail from you know whom today.
"Hi! this email is just to say hello hoping you are okey, Well see you, bye.....Take care and smile forever =)"
And I answered " Hello!!! Well just take care of yourself lots!...Loving you!...Me"

Hahah I still do not get it why to send me a short mail after the one I sent her telling her how I felt, in case you wonder why I wrote the words Loving you!...I have to be honest I am just pulling the string I just want to make her clear that friendship is not what I am looking from her, so She doesn`t have the wrong idea or play with myself AGAIN, besides that as I posted some time ago I really had enough of the situation, yeah I love her but being realistic I am starting to look in other if she arrives late sorry for her not my fault. Sad but I need to define a position to follow, I mean 8 months not knowing what to do enough is enough..:)

Have a great day!!
And thanks June!!!....JESUS ANTONIO.


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

that is a nice gift:)

how have you been doing jesus :) --kino--

antonio said...

It is an incredible gift!!!!

How am I? (thanks for asking Kino)

Well I am okey I mean I am not getting sick or frustrated when something I can not understand happens, because that is more than obvious that She doesn`t even know what She wants, so well I just try to deal with the punches!!!

I am okey, Obviously there are some tiny moments where I really miss her being around but I prefer to be the way I am now :)


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

well I am glad you are kind of okay:)

i just think that she is really confused about what she feels...

i just hope you be strong okay :) good luck tp you :) --kino--