Friday, June 24, 2005

Numerology of Ignorance.

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In our country We have like three realities and really funny to express it.
The first reality is about a country that is trying to be better with the things We have.
I really feel mad at people who doesn`t know about his or her own country, in my case I have sometimes people telling why to use English to speak up about it, they do not know I am really involved in my country, I have always thought as an obbligation and a mandatory thing to know about your roots, You can ask me about any historical event in my country or movements or culture and I am sure I will answer right away, that is also one of the reasons to speak in another language to broaden my understanding.
As you might know We are a very strong country even considering all the crap We have to deal let me give you some insights.

Violence in the North part is increasing specially in Nuevo Laredo,Sinaloa Baja California, let me put it in this way there are over 640 deaths realated to drug dealing.For instance the chief of the police died 7 hours after he took his position in Nuevo Laredo.
EZLN in the south part of the country is again recruiting their militancy and without taking in consideration the subersive group all over the country,they say they won`t start a militar fight,well at least what they say.
The Mujeres of Juarez situation.
About politics well We are really disapointed in all the ways, The 3 major parties are not trustable.Let me give you an example of what stupidity can come In the State of Mexico the campaigns to run for the Governacy of that State has a candidate that the motto or slogan is "Yes, I am uggly I admited but I know how to rule", so you can imagine the level of the Competition.The next elections for what polls say it would be the first in many years with the lowest rate of people voting.
Santiago Creel authorized before leaving his place as Prime Minister of the country some papers to allow some companies included the most important TV company in the country to open some betting places or casinos, everybody here says he did that to have his spots on TV for free or a cheaper fee rate.And Yes, He is running for the Presidency and the odd part is that We are about a year away from the elections.In Oaxaca there is a newspaper that is having problems with free speech even this week the goverment stole the first edition of that paper.Even in my town the governor controls the news.
Everybody is fighting for power.The Ecologist party in the country has as a leader a preppy boy who is using the party as his own family business.Other politicians started running for the Presidency almost 2 years ago.
The new one now to have a car without papers or not regulated called "chocolates" because those are sold cheaper than in an agency or bought in USA and resold here, the funny part is that If you have that kind of car you can be accused of black market dealing so you can get legal problems.
They took an american person to jail because it was related to Alkaeda (thing that apparently is not) and taken away hours after his innoncence was proved.
President Fox saying everything is great when it is not!
Imagine how strong our country is that even with this kind of problems We have to deal everyday continue strong without falling apart, and just work pretending everything is much better.
We are a very rich country the only problem is that richness is terribly distributed I mean 50% in the country live in extreme misery.
We are a very strong country and parties and politicians still do not understand that the power is in the hands of the people: Vox populli.

Great day to you!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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