Saturday, June 04, 2005

The image of Inspiration.

R. Armstrong! Posted by Hello

I found this great image from R. Armstrong.
I got even the idea for a poster I want to do in the near future (in 3 weeks).
Wow!! so great to see work that inspires you.
Stay tune to see the result on the piece inspired by this one.
Today was only to rest.
I went out with a girl (nice girl btw) and I got also an email of a girl I like :).
No mail from you know whom..huge silence!(typical) :(
I am preparing tomorrow all the envelopes for all the mails I will send on Tuesday!
I am drawing something today and coloring Luchador!
Have a great day and,Yes! I am available for Cover Work and Comission work!!

Have a nice day!!!

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