Wednesday, June 08, 2005

When you play "Hide and Seek" with your heart.

I am still at my work. And I already finished the class now I am just waiting 20 minutes to leave the building..why? hhahahah Well I am hiding from her, and I need to make some time so She leaves the place before me.
The odd part is that I feel a little dumb by doing this but What else Can I do for now?
I mean I still have my strong feelings for her, so I just do not want to be in a situation that is not good for any of us.
Hahahahah funny how mind works.
I have to say I feel in a way good there are some nanoseconds that I miss her but that is all.
I still do not know what I will do when I see her again face to face?.
She hasn`t answered the mail so I guess I can read the silence.

Have a great day!!!!!
See you tomorrow!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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