Monday, June 20, 2005

Ether condensed by the vitrol of my deep Absence.

Hey guys I will start posting regularly probably on Wednesday, happens that real life is getting quite interesting and dumb at the same time.
Many many things to say...My God!!
Some New Love for Dummies stuff, some music reviews, new art work you will be thrilled and well some issues at home but I guess by The middle of the week to find some solutions.

Please take care and see you very soon!!!

Great time and please again keep me in you prayers!! (in all the way you can or know) :)



wondy woman said...

Hope everything's ok with you, see I drop by even when I know you won't be there... he he
Can't wait to see your new stuff and hear your stories!

Wondy x

Sask 1 said...

Im thinking about you.
Hope everyhing is alright.
You are in my prayers.

antonio said...

Cuties I am back!!
thanks for the lines of support and the prayers (please continue doing so :) )..well I will start posting what it has been happening lately so stay tune!! :)...JESUS ANTONIO