Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The greatest adventure never thought and never said

Louise Brooks 1929 Posted by Picasa

hahah I haven`t received the info about the gig yet, probably midday or noon I will have the information well I only hope not to have a very tight schedule.
I am receiving some incredible answers to an interview I am doing to a great artist, is taking ages because He is really busy and is taking his time to answer to me(I need to thank him during the day).
I am still in a shock for something great that happened to me yesterday... A great artist from Spain will send some original work from him to me, as a gift. I will let you know when it reaches my hands..I am also amazed because of the nice words He used about my work and well I am still feeling like floating :).
I will receive some photos today that I took when my cousin came so I won`t load art work for the next days but instead I will load some photos to comment.
I am sending finally a mail to the amigo Nik (today or tomorrow) sending some emails and contacts to schedule some stuff We are doing with Luchador! and stuff!!..
Expecting a script from el amigo Pedro L. Lopez called "Tenebre" and the sypnosis of 1864.
Finally taking a day or two to draw something else of "El Clan" written by the nice Victor Alos.

So well I am a bit busy!!

Great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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