Friday, July 01, 2005

Numerology of No Celebration

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This cartoon appeared some time ago in La Jornada and describes our President in all its full expression.
He decided to celebrate his 5th year as President and summoned everybody to come to El Angel de la Independencia tomorrow. When He saw that people started to asking about his non ethical way to convoke people, He just said he was invited by many people and organizations (I have to add that He doesn`t give any names of the Associations that are just covering his stupid lie).
He wants also to see the power He has and measure also his popularity (thing that We know in our country is really going down every minute).
His Secretary of External Relations just resigned yesterday, because She said that She can not work with the Spokeman of our country.
Our President is getting lonely every time.
Because of our president now We have a big international problem about some stamps that are in fact just a simple homage to one of the most important producers of comic strips in the country, and just because He hasn`t cleared up his approach in the international affairs now He has a big problem.

I have nothing to celebrate.......well maybe There is something to celebrate. YES!!
For me is just my 5th anniversary that........ I DIDN`T VOTE FOR HIM.

In Spanish: "Yo no tengo nada que celebrar este 2 de Julio"

Great Day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO


I have read the newspapers and The president gathered about 50000 people to celebrate his 5th year in the Presidency.
Cold numbers: One year ago one gathering against violence reunited about 1000000 people (the goverment said they were about 100000 but it was false it really gathered the million or more of people).
Some months ago the Major of the City of Mexico also gathered almost a million of people so as you might guess 50000 people means nothing in terms of popularity.
I guess really odd times are coming to him.

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