Friday, July 22, 2005

The Wedding.

Wedding Posted by Picasa

54 out of 60.
I am finally out from my tombstone!!
Sorry guys I was on the deadline NOW it seems everything is working perfect and the funny part is that this week that I was absent there have been so many things to talk about.
But little by little, sorry in case I couldn`t respond to the nice comments people have posted over the time I will take these following days to respond and talk about last week and how great is to feel free.

This is my cousing who got married 7 days ago and her now new husband (a nice decent guy) and the photo below is with my cousins (the first two), I am missing a photo with my other cousin boy.

Have a great time and probably I will watch tomorrow Sin City "hoooorrrraaaayyyy"""..

Great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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Sask 1 said...

Lovely photo of the wedding.Also love your commission for Kino.