Tuesday, July 26, 2005


BLAM! logo,script and art ©2005 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez. Queda prohibida la reproducción total o parcial, por cualquier medio, sin la expresa autorización del autor Posted by Picasa

BLAM!Written,Filmed and Directed by ©2005 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez
Title:"Good girls go to heaven and Bad girls go everywhere.."

Panel one.
Kerubin is jumping to the back part of the car.

Kerubin:I need to cover my ass!!....literally..dammit!!

Kerubin 2: Finally something to cover me!

Panel Two:
Kerubin shouting:Who the f*ck are you? Show up!! Mom told me not to shot and talk to strangers..

Caption:Why the joke? why the joke?I am so stupid to shout at nowhere to no one and expecting to be listened.. I am so stupid!

Panel Three: What do you want from me? Where in Hell are you prick? Where are...

Caption:Silence ooh ohh!! .no shooting!....there is silence!!!!!..Oh My God!

Panel 4

Sniper: I am just here Martha..
Kerubin:Hey!! How do you know that?..Nobody calls me like that...ANYMORE!
Sniper:I used to be more than "just nobody.."

Caption: Why me? Why me?


Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO


DADICUS said...

Hey come join tha' art Jam on my site Man ! I'd love to see your rendition of any of my characters!!!!!!!!!

Sask 1 said...

Those first two pages are good.

antonio said...

hey Dadicus!! what`s up??
I would love to draw something with your characters now that I have some free time!!

Thank you June as you notice I change a little my way of speaking in the script because I want to focus this work in a more adult material..
hey June thanks again for all the nice words about my stinky love life...hahah..yeterday I was a bit blue but well I will explain later on..Great Day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

johnnyjustice said...

I love this page!

antonio said...

You would love next page that will be full of action (I hope)..thanks for the words Jhonny...JESUS ANTONIO