Thursday, July 28, 2005


The Flame Cover©2005 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez Posted by Picasa

Well some time ago I had in hands this Gothic Story "Flame" that I have written and I am tempted to draw (in a couple of Months I am sure).
I decided to draw the Cover of this Gothic Story and this is the final cut!
I still need to work on the logo so I hope in a couple of day to finish the logo.
Below is a detail of the piece.

June I am a bit better I am still feeling like dumb because I can not really undertand how far selfishness can come up from a persona and to try to understand it happens that is not that easy!.
Hopefully tomorrow I will invite finally with date and everything to the girl I like.

Probably it might sound weird but I want someone to give me as a gift a Tarot set (it has to be given away and brand new).I am planning one of the stories I have in mind since ages and I need to do my research.
If Someone wants to help me out let me know.
I am interested in the Celtic Tarot, The Raide.Waite (1910) or the one that Alejandro Jodorowsky produced a year ago (He hired one direct relative of the first artisan producing the oldest Tarot known).

Trivia time.
If You can tell me the movie ,a little sypnosis and the year(German title) in which I am basing my story you will receive a Color Copy of this Cover free. (You only pay the shipping cost) :)

Great day to you!!



Gabinete de prensa said...

Shame I am not a big fun of German movies :( . I will try and take part on the next trivia question!

Good luck with the girlie, sweets :D

AnnaRaven said...

Sorry, that last comment was me *blushes lots*

johnnyjustice said...

Wow! Cool pic!

antonio said...

Anna , you do not have to be ashamed!!
Next time for sure you might win something I am sure!!

trivia is set any takers???

Jhonny thanks a lot for the words!...JESUS ANTONIO

Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

The trivia is hard:) hehehehe --kino--